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The accommodation of the participants can be directly at the workshop venue, Hotel Družba. Several singe and double rooms have been preliminary booked. Room can be reserved by e-mail: druzba.recepcia@uniba.sk. Please indicate ELAMB 2017 when booking. Price for single room including local tax is 29,00 EUR/night, price for double room is 50,40 EUR. The price does not include breakfast. The breakfast will be served in the restaurant of the Congress Center. (Note: number of rooms is limited - please reserve prior August 14, 2017).

Other hotels/apartments in close distance from school place: Apartments Lafranconi: www.apartments-lafranconi.sk/en (2 min. by tram)

Hotel Sorea Regia: www.sorea.sk/en/bratislava/hotel-sorea-regia/ (3 min. by tram)
Hotel Devin: www.hoteldevin.sk (7 min. by tram)


14. 8. 2017
Abstracts and registration

21. 8. 2017
Notification on abstract acceptance

4. 9. 2017
Payment of the fee

4. 9. 2017
Final program
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